10s Champions, BAR (Best all round) Champions and Handicap Champion

The 10s Champion is based on a riders best 3 times over the season in events nominated by the committee at the start of the season Рcurrently all Ctt registered events baring Levens and Hull

 10 s Champion  Best All Rounder  Handicap Champion 
1950Charles Westlake
1951Bill Rostron
1952Phil HughesArthur Martin
1953Phil Hughes/Gordon Rigby
1954Keith HollandGordon Rigby
1955Dave SpencerKen Reed
1956Dave SpencerFrank Jefferson
1957Frank JeffersonFrank Jefferson
1958Frank JeffersonFrank Jefferson
1959Peter KayJames Ellis
1960Peter KayPeter Roscoe
1961Phil RigbyPeter RoscoePhil Rigby
1962Alan GreenPeter RoscoePeter Roscoe
1963Anthony JohnsonPeter RoscoeAlan Bowering
1964Alan GreenMartin KayMartin Kay
1965Phil AsquithPhil Asquith
1966Phil Asquith
1968Geoff McGann
1969Geoff McGann
1970Geoff McGannGeoff McGann
1971Geoff McGannGeoff McGann
1972John HarrisonGeoff McGann
1973John Dewhurst
1974John DewhurstJohn Dewhurst
1991Phil Collins
1992Frank Jefferson
1993Phil Collins
1994Phil Collins
1997Phil Collins
1998Phil CollinsAndrew Ellis
1999Phil CollinsMartin LeeErnie Roughley
2000Phil CollinsMartin LeeErnie Roughley
2001Adrian SmithMartin Lee
2002Philip AlbeizPhilip AlbeizPeter Adams
2003Philip AlbeizBob Duckworth
2004Philip AlbeizVince EastwoodVince Eastwood
2005Philip AlbeizAndy HornerVince Eastwood
2006Andy HornerVince EastwoodSimon Horner
2007Andy HornerAndy HornerJody Warrington
2008Andy HornerRik WarringtonNick Hall
2009Andy HornerNick Hall
2010Andy HornerAndy HornerDave Woods
2011Adam YatesNick HallAndy Horner
2012Nick HallAndy HornerDave Woods
2013Nick HallNick HallNigel Hood
2014Andy HornerAndy HornerJohn Yates
2015Andy HornerJoe CadwalladerPhil Shaw
2016Jon LongworthJoe CadwalladerPhil Albeiz
2017Jake WrightJake WrightAndrew Koral
2019Francis WoodcockFrancis WoodcockMike Smith
2019Francis WoodcockFrancis WoodcockGeoff Taylor
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