Raglan_Short_Sleeves_Jersey_with_SidePanel_RaceCutBury Clarion has been promoting cycling for over 100 years.

Bury Clarion has a long history and a proud tradition of supporting cycling in and around the town. Please take the time to read our history pages

The following is taken from a Bury Times article in 1951, celebrating 50 years of Bury Clarion:

On a January day in 1901, seven determined ladies mounted bicycles adjusted their flowing skirts and straw boaters and rode slowly through Bury’s streets.  They ignored cries of ‘shame’ and ‘ hussies’ from outraged pedestrians, and the boos of children running alongside. Following the ladies at a respectable distance came 20 men, also riding bicycles. The 27 had a mission, besides founding the Bury section of the National Clarion Cycling Club that day, they were intent on preaching Socialism as soon as they reached Tottington and Greenmount villages.

Things are a little different now.  The club no longer has any political affiliations and is purely a cycling club, so long as you enjoy cycling you are welcome to join us.

Members of the club ride on the road, the track and off-road, and compete in all disciplines. For details of club championships and National Clarion Championships see the racing page.

Club training rides on the road generally take place every Saturday and Sunday, with different rides for different levels of ability.

Club members often arrange leisure rides, both on-road and mountain biking and details of the latest rides can be found on the home page.

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