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Sadly, many riders are put off joining a cycling club by tales of hard-as-nails clubmen. They hear about novices being spat out of the back of training rides or unfriendly and intimidating attitudes.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

You’ll find us very supportive, and joining a club like Bury Clarion is one of the best ways to improve your cycling skills, boost your fitness and find like-minded friends.


Why should I come on a club ride?

Simply because it’s the best way to progress your cycling. It’s far easier to head out knowing you’ll be with a group of mates rather than on your own. What’s more, you’ll benefit from learning how to ride safely and efficiently in a group.

Are all rides the same?

No. Bury Clarion has a number of groups which head out at weekends reflecting a range of abilities.

On a Summer Sunday, we’ll typically have A, B and C group rides. The A group is the fastest but often covers the same route as the B group – just faster and without a café stop. We also have regular, women-led rides which commonly fall into the C/D category.

For clarity, men and women are welcome on all categories of ride. It’s your ability to ride that matters, not your gender.

How fit and fast do I need to be?

You’ll need a reasonable level of fitness, but you definitely don’t need to be a super-fit racer for the lower category rides.

A rides

These are for faster and experienced club riders and take place mainly on Sundays. Speeds often average well over 17mph, and routes can be long and challenging.

B rides

These are paced at roughly 14-17mph and can vary from 40 to 100 miles in length dependent on weather, season and ability of the group. Expect some challenging hill climbs to be included.

C rides

These are suitable for a wider range of abilities and are circa 30 miles long with an average speed of 12-17 mph on local undulating routes. New riders can choose the option of a ride buddy. Our Saturday Social rides fall into this category.

D rides

These are suitable for new club riders and usually cover about 30 miles averaging 10-12 mph over local undulating routes.

Please note that on C or D rides, there’s usually a welcome café stop. On A or B rides, don’t take a refreshment stop for granted.

Will I be dropped if I’m too slow?

No. But we ask that you first ride with the slowest group unless you are confident of your ability. If you find it too easy, you can move up until you find the right level. It’s better to underestimate your ability than struggle and be put off.

Bury and its surroundings can be hilly, and the average speeds mentioned relate to mixed, hilly terrain, not the pace you can maintain on the flat.

When climbing hills, the groups often split up. Generally speaking, the faster riders will wait, and you’ll regroup at the top. This might not happen with the A rides, especially if it’s a cold and wet day! If you’re on a D ride, we usually give the slowest rider a chance to catch their breath at the top of a climb before we set off again.

Would I be welcome if I’m not experienced riding in a group?

Yes, everyone has to learn somewhere, and a club run is ideal. Check out this link for some helpful tips beforehand.

Do I need to do anything special with my bike setup?

The most important thing is that your bike is well maintained and roadworthy. Use mudguards for winter rides, as they make riding in a group on winter roads much more enjoyable.

What else should I bring?

• Bring a couple of spare inner tubes, tyre levers, a pump and a multi-tool
• Lights – even during daylight hours the weather can change
• You’ll need some money for the café or, if a stop isn’t planned, enough food and drink to fuel your ride
• Make sure you have a fully charged mobile phone with your emergency contact number stored on it
• Your helmet
• Finally, dress appropriately for the weather and remember that over the course of a ride it may change. Layers can come off, but if you get too cold, you will be miserable!

Club Rides – important points

1. On our rides, we expect all riders to adhere to the Highway Code.
2. We expect you to ride responsibly, with consideration for all road users and in a way which will not bring the club into disrepute.
3. Bury Clarion do not take responsibility for individuals, but we ensure new riders are supported and advised, with a buddy rider system in place. Any new rider can be accompanied by a club rider to ensure they feel comfortable.

Northern Monkeys Facebook Group

This is a private group setup by Joanna Cebrat and Mark Jones as an event calendar for anyone interested in longer distance riding, TT’s,  CX racing etc. Please message them if you would like to join.

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BURY CLARION CYCLING CLUB AFFILIATED TO BRITISH CYCLING. REGISTRATION FORM FOR FAMILY INVITATION RIDE 8 July 2018 BURY LEISURE CENTRE TO GREENMOUNT CRICKET CLUB In signing the following form the designated parent agrees that they alone are responsible for their children’s safety and behaviour in relation to other users of the cycle way. There is no entry fee for this event and parents should note they are responsible for any 3rd party claims incurred by themselves or their children. Extreme care should be exercised approaching the start on Woodhill Road The pelican crossing facility must be used when crossing Brandlesholme Road. On the downhill stretches particularly on the return journey between Brandlesholme and Woodhill Road the rider’s speed should be moderated for pedestrian’s and children's safety. At the end of the trail on Brandleholme Road you must walk along the footpath for the few yards to the entrance to the cricket club. I hereby accept the foregoing and agree that no liability shall attach to the club, its officials, organisers and stewards.
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