AGM Special and ordinary meeting



1. Election of chairman – Peter Foster noted as nominee at September Meeting.

2. Minutes of AGM 27 January 2016

3. Matters arising from minutes.

4. Approval of accounts.

5. Affiliations – Bury Sports & Leisure Service SPOCO? (CTT, British Cycling and

NLTTA already paid as is customary).

6. Election of officials – nominations; General Secretary – Peter Roscoe; Meetings

Secretary – James Duffy; Treasurer/Membership – Peter Roscoe; Racing Secretary (Time

Trials, Hill Climb & Trophies) open but Bob Duckworth will continue if no nominations;

Racing Secretary other disciplines and Points Competition – no nomination; Social Secretary

– no nomination; Webmaster – no nomination; Auditor – no nomination. Press Reports – (i)

club rides reports (ii) racing reports – no nominations; Event organisers: Nick Hall? Lucia


Welfare Officer – Christine Duckworth; Runs Leaders and Runs Committee – Lucia Cronin

no other nominations but the following were the officials that will probably continue – Declan

Brady, Adrian Brooks. Peter Foster, Nick Hall and Nigel Hood; Racing Committee –no

nominations – helpful to have a separate racing committee. All those elected/appointed will

comprise the general committee. Phil Shaw was an additional nomination for this committee

in 2016. .

7. Election of Delegates – Clarion Easter Conference; CTT, NLTTA, BCF open for


Nick Hall, Club Chair.

Peter Roscoe, General Secretary, 6 Horncastle Close, Bury, BL8 1XE 0161 761 6856


1. Proposal approved by three racing members not involving the change of rule.

Adoption by a simple majority.

That the ‘Tens’ championship be decided by a member’s three fastest tens in 2017.

All tens run under the jurisdiction of CTT count but documentary evidence must be

produced or referred to on the Internet. Claims are necessary and these must be with

the racing secretary (time trials) by the 31 st of December of the relevant year.

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2. Proposal approved by three racing members involving a change of rule. Two-

thirds of those attending the meeting have to agree for the proposed change of

rule to be adopted.

Delete the following rule

4. iii. Second claim racing members who pay the full subscription rate but are not

eligible for club championship awards until payment of their third subscription.

And replace with

4. (iii) Second claim members are not eligible for club championships except those

Juvenile and Junior members who are obliged to join clubs such as Eastlands Velo

or Sport City Velo to enjoy the benefits not otherwise available to them.

Nick Hall, Club Chair.

Peter Roscoe, Club Secretary, 6 Horncastle Close, Bury, BL8 1XE 0161 761 6856


1. Minutes of meeting held 27 September 2016 & Matters arising.

2. Annual Awards Evening.

3. National Clarion Cycling Club Annual General Meeting/Conference agenda item:

National Committee Motion (provisional)

Sections may propose amendments to the following motion(s):

1. Motion from committee regarding the use of the Clarion name, trade marks, logos.

New rule 3.6:

Only sections whose members have paid an annual subscription to the National Clarion Cycling Club

may describe themselves as a ‘Clarion Cycling Club’ or use the National Clarion logos and

trademarks including but not limited to the ‘Clarion Cycling Club’ (name), ‘Trumpet’ Logos, the

‘Angel’ logos and other variants commonly in use by the National Clarion over time.

Other motions and/or rule changes may be proposed by sections and should be received by the

National Secretary by the 3 rd of February 2017.

4. Any other business – if time allows

5. .Date of next meeting.

Nick Hall, Club Chair.

Peter Roscoe, General Secretary, 6 Horncastle Close, Bury, BL8 1XE 0161 761 685

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