A short one for this month…women led rides as follows, note new ride grades to give you an idea of expected average speed although no one is left behind!

See club rides page on the website if in any doubt, new ride categories are as follows:

A rides
These are for faster and experienced club riders and take place mainly on Sundays. Speeds often average well over 17mph, and routes can be long and challenging.
B rides
These are paced at roughly 14-17mph and can vary from 40 to 100 miles in length dependent on weather, season and ability of the group. Expect some challenging hill climbs to be included.
C rides
These are suitable for a wider range of abilities and are circa 30 miles long with an average speed of 12-17 mph on local undulating routes. New riders can choose the option of a ride buddy. Our Saturday Social rides fall into this category.
D rides
These are suitable for new club riders and usually cover about 30 miles averaging 10-12 mph over local undulating routes.


Saturday 7th-Helen C/D

Sunday 8th-Lucy D

Saturday 14th-Adele D

Sunday 15th- Nicola C/D

Saturday 28th-Lucy D

Sunday 29th -Nicola C/D

Hopefully we will get a month of Spring Weather at last and get some lovely enjoyable rides in…maybe even shorts by the end of the month!

Don’t forget to save your pennies for the new club kit…wont be long now before we need a big club order to get it all made…

Look at the club race page if you fancy trying a Time Trial…those of us who tried it for the first time had a great day out…see above! Our Charlotte and Lisa have already got stuck in, despite horrendous weather conditions with really good results, but they ride for other clubs. Be nice to see some more ride for Bury Clarion. Lots of you could knock out good times!

You know it makes sense!


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