August Race Reports


National Clarion Crit Champs Wakefield 17th August

by Joe Cadwallader

Brilliant day for Dylan Cadwallader and Ben Richardson , winning 3rd and 2nd respectively in the under 8s.

Francis Woodcock and Joe Cadwallader, trying the best they could to snap 2 others, who made the break in the senior race with them coming 3rd & 4th respectively.

James Duffy won the bunch sprint, with Mark Jones a comfortable 8th and Joanna Cebrat 1st woman.

Condolences to James Richardson, Bens dad, bought down in a crash.

Another good showing from our brilliant young Bullets and the Club in what is a National field.


Southport TT Club Handicap 24/8/19

Extensive plagiarism has occurred in this report-credit to Anthony Bowles & Jason McDonald. Photographs by Adele Van Der Kamp. My first race report by Lucia Cronin.

This was my first 10 mile Time Trial. My first Time Trial efforts in 2018, ended up being a 7.5 mile distance, curtailed by roadworks at the time, so I had no real comparison, though had averaged about 17.5 mph on that occasion, a PB for me at the time, but still came last out of 50.

So I enter these things with that in mind and a healthy dose of humour and acceptance : you are against yourself and its taking part which matters. I always think that if I enter, being Bury Clarions slowest rider, I will encourage others to follow suit.

I bullied Sally Stothard and Andrew Hayes into coming along too and was glad to see other women there other than Joanna Cebrat, who has single handedly represented Bury Clarion at race/TT competition level, apart from triathlon events.

Well Done Helen Hindle, Sally Stothard and Andrew Hayes who joined me in their first ever TT.

(No pic of Andy sadly)

What I do want to say, most of  you don’t know Andy Hayes very well, but whilst he begrudgingly placed last, he is battling a serious lung disease and is lucky to even be here, so hats off to Andy for being brave enough to take part. He has vengefully said he is going to beat me next time! He will not thank me for that mention though I expect.




Next time we could do with a bit of a plan to get a load more Clarion women there as most would smash a TT and could expect great results.

As someone who struggles to get a 12 mph average on any ride, I set my self a target of between 35-40 minutes which would need at least 15mph average. I got quite a badgering for gaining the biggest handicap time at 10 minutes, even got accused of being the mystery handicapper and looking after myself!

It was a dry, overcast, far too windy for my liking, evening, at Southport on the 10 mile Tarleton course. I arrived very early with Sally to have a practice and familiarise with the course, which is on a busy A road, with roundabout turnings, which I was surprised at. I always thought these things were in squares with left turns!

We chatted with as many Clarionistas as we could before we set off. I love that bit! Everyone turns up, with their TT bikes and pointy helmets so you can hardly recognise everyone once they are dressed! It separates the serious TT’ers from the beginners, but I still stripped my bike down as far as I could and the tyres were pumped fit to burst to get my marginal gains.

Bury Clarion were out in numbers, 20 rode, with a total of 50 competitors signed up to ride, so late arrivals had to be turned away. The Southport organisers, espeicially Irene the registering lady, was lovely to us.

The 10-mile handicap champ event is a bit of a mystery to me but dependant on your perceived ability, age, gender and some other stuff, you get time allocated to take off your actual time, to give you a chance of winning when you are a wannabe like me. I made sure me, Sal and Andy were last in the line-up so we could see everyone set off. I also wanted to avoid loads of Clarion riders cheerfully sailing past me, which I find quite depressing.

It was a great ride really, though my left leg went dead about a mile in for some reason, the wind was hard work for me, who isn’t very aerodynamic! I was talking myself into not giving up all the way, right from the start because it’s hard. You are pushing against yourself and the human instinct to make life easier and go and sit down! The evening was windy though, the strong powerful riders found it a breeze, there are some pretty impressive times to keep us in awe.

Thanks to timekeepers and organisers, Marshals were Paul and Adele Van Der Kamp, Dawn Moody, John Yates and it was them shouting at me that got me round! It makes such a difference to see a friendly face. Despite their best efforts we had 2 DNF who didn’t complete the course as they didn’t realise it needed 2 laps between the roundabout…no names mentioned here!

It was a great club house bar and atmosphere as the results were all worked out, with a few hiccups as we went along. What a brilliant sociable bunch!

The winner, winner chicken dinner was GEOFF TAYLOR!

The results speak for themselves but I found the whole thing really friendly, no one took the mickey or was anything other than encouraging and supportive. If you haven’t, give one a try asap.

Handicap Times                                                                                   Actual Times


Gavin Wright 0                                                                                                    21.52                       
David Driver 2 Mins 30 Secs                                                                          25.04
Mark Jones 1 Min 45 Secs                                                                               22.30
Joseph Cadwallader 0                                                                                       22.38
Ken Woodward 3 Mins 10 Secs                                                                      25.09
Lucia Cronin 10 Mins                                                                                         33.06
Rosalyn Dines 8 Mins DNS
Nigel Hood 1 Min 40 Secs                                                                               24.00
Karl Norman 4 Mins                                                                                         26.34
James Duffy 0                                                                                                     22.23
Kevin Blades 15 Secs                                                                                         23.03
Geoff Taylor 7 Mins 30 Secs                                                                           28.51
Joanna Cebrat 2 mins                                                                                       25.11
Andrew Hayes 7 Mins                                                                                      34.49
Drew Webster 6 Mins                                                                                       27.41
Mark Brandwood 5 Mins DNS
Martin Hanson 4 Mins                                                                                    26.17
Marcus Hurst 5 Mins                                                                                       26.51
Andrew Walch 7 Mins                                                                                     28.29
John Stirzaker 50 Secs DNS
Jason McDonald 30 Secs DNS
Sally Stothard 8 Mins 30 Secs                                                                      32.19
Andy Horner 20 Secs                                                                                      22.12
Peter Heywood 2 Mins DNF
Eve Heywood 5 Mins DNF
Phil Shaw Road 4 Mins DNS
Helen Hindle 9 Mins                                                                                        33.38


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