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BAR So Far

The Best All Rounder competition is Bury Clarion’s premier championship. It is based on 11 separate competitions involving time trials, track racing and circuit racing throughout the season. The best four scores of each rider are added to produce the ‘league’ table.

Points competition so far

positionNamebest 4total
1Andy Horner80111
2Nick Hall6586
3Joe Cadwallader5468
4Ryan Whatmough4646
5Jon Longworth3942
6Martin Lee3838
7Phil Ball3737
8Chris Taylor2323
9Mike Humphreys2323
10John Yates2222
11Paul Whatmough2020
12David Stammers1919
13Declan Brady1818
14David Hodbod1313
15Michael Smith1212
16Nigel Hood1212
17Gavin Wright1010
18Peter Armstrong1010
19Peter Foster1010
20Phil Collins99
21Liam Shaw88
22Bob Duckworth77
23Philip Albiez77
24Ryan Harrison77
25Josh Alderton55
26Adrian Brooks11
27Eddie Brooks11
28Ian Grey11
29Martin Usher11

More Indepth

For a more indepth table click on the table below

Points 17 Sep 14

The first page I call the journal because it is in date order.
The second page shows the points scoring.
On the third page I have sorted rider groups &
on the fourth page we have the current positions in the Best All Rounder competition.
Andy Horner appears to be in an unassailable position but it is not over until its over – see Nick Hall’s amazing first 100. Having said that I cannot see Nick making a last ditch attempt to equal Andy’s score.
This year has been a good year for personal bests.
A personal best is I venture the next best thing to winning a club championship and so certificates are awarded. Our practice is that a first ride does not count as a personal best certificate so Nick Hall, Declan Brady and Joe Cadwallader miss out. I have highlighted in blue personal bests as best I can – again pleased check carefully my attempt.
The entry for the club 25 championship is disappointing except for me Philip Albiez has entered. Philip was prolific winner of Bury Clarion championship some years ago and still holds club records at 10 and 25 miles. So it is good to see he is making a come back. His 50 record was broken by Nick and now Andy has broken Nick’s record. Nick though rode a splendid first 100 to break the record.
The available information I have indicates that Andy has won the National Clarion time trial championship – we will see.
So a splendid year for Bury Clarion. Will it be enhanced by our hill climbing team?

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