Boots & Spurs poem by Bob Chadwick


The following is a poem written by former member Bob Chadwick and read out by him at our annual reunion:


A Century ago our club was born of poverty and strikes

A message to the people conveyed by folks on bikes

What better way to spread the word throughout the countryside

Vote labour was the Clarion Call; they spread it far and wide

How times have changed from days long past to what we have today

How could our founding members forsee we had to pay?

The motor car is now the King, how can we stem the tide

The future battle now is clear, to preserve our right to ride

Some here today can reminisce about the Clarion long time past

The fifties were the halcyon days, to bad they didn’t last

Sam and Ida Derby, Joe and Evelyn, Alt and Ida too,

Ellis Barlow and Bill Dutton old then when we were new.

Now that we are getting old, we must try to take their place

Companionship on clubruns and training lads to race

But where are all the youngsters to keep our sport alive

To most of them a bikes a toy discarded when they learn to drive

But though your small in numbers the will is to survive

You still have stalwart members whose efforts could revive

Bury Clarion’s fortunes Don’t let the section die

You owe it to the past to have a damn good try.

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