Bullets Race Report-November

Liverpool Century Cyclocross Event by Joseph Cadwallader

Bullets won two top ten positions at The Liverpool Century CX Event at Stad Moor Park on Sunday 3rd November for the Bullets. Dylan Cadwallader, with by far his best ride to date, on his first top ten. Really pleased for him after suffering a bit in a couple of the early rounds, he really pushed on from a strong ride at Heaton Park  and was placed 8th !

Harry Patterson had a brilliant start running in the top 5 early on . He  showed more consistency this time, with a respectable 12th place which will keep him well placed in the league. Jacob Richardson joined those two crazy boys for his first unassisted race at the grand old age of 5.  This to my knowledge is the youngest cyclocross racer we have had! Massive respect! He came over 22nd out of the 25 starters.

Next race was under 10s. We got to watch a real battle between Toby Diggins and some riders who had, until now, been well in front of him. It was a very strong field of 31 and for him to finish 7th, so close to some excellent riders marks great progress. I am really enjoying watching him progress in these races after watching him find it hard at the start of the year in crits.

Benjamin Richardson , Fraser Inman and Daniel Swithenbank joined Toby. Benjamin was consistently strong on each lap showing few signs of fatigue on the last lap and moving past riders for most of the race finishing 20th! Daniel got a quite brilliant start, possibly following coaches orders a bit too well, he maintained good form until just after halfway before the pain set in, not helped by a badly grazed knee, he finished at a respectable 25th nonetheless.

Fraser again showed great determination to get round with a smile, entering and getting round is the first and hardest hurdle of all. These events for him, like Benjamin and Daniel, will help prepare him for next year when the older kids move up and they are among the older kids in the field.

Massive well done to them all, once again a great team spirit!

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