Bury Clarion Hill Climb Results 2017


Held Lumb Carr Road Ramsbottom

Organising Secretary: Jason McDonald

Thanks to all volunteers and entrants for making this a splendid event.

Also thank you too the event sponsors this year who kindly donated the prize money

Bury Clarion 2017 Hill Climb Results in time order

1Chris Lever2:08.3
2Hamish Graham2:11.0
3Jake Wright2:13.0
4Francis Woodcock2:14.1
5Matt Jackson2:15.9
6John Raho2:22.3
7David Stammers2:22.9
8Joseph Cadwallader2:23.4
9Declan Brady2:27.9
10Andrew Bramhall2:28.1
11Taylor Koch2:31.6
12Jon Longworth2:31.7
13David Gamble2:32.1
14Ben Dobson2:32.9
15Jason McDonald2:34.3
16David Mitchell2:35.8
17Charlotte Gorman2:37.8
18Paul Whatmough2:41.9
19James Richardson2:42.1
20Martin Usher2:43.4
21John Stirzaker2:43.7
22Adrian Brooks2:49.8
23Peter Foster2:50.2
24Andy Korol2:51.4
25Martin Hanson2:52.8
26James Duffy2:56.5
27Adam Hawthorn2:57.5
28Simon Diggins3:00.6
29David Driver3:02.0
30Mark Bardsley3:07.8
31Kate Taylor3:09.0
32Michael Taylor3:09.8
33Katy Rothwell3:11.4
34Shelton Delima3:12.9
35Chris Shepherd3:14.5
36Drew Webster3:17.4
37Wendy Wiliams6:54.4

Apologies if there are spelling mistakes in any names

See you next year

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