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I reckoned we were in with a good chance of winning the team award in Lancashire Road Club’s Hill Climb today and this is what our new members accomplished – narrowly from the Lancashire Road Club team who recorded 3min 8.8 secs against our aggregate time of 3min 5.6secs.
Fastest man in our team was, as expected, Michael Humphreys in a splendid time of 2min 46.6secs. Followed by Joseph Cadwallader 3min 7.8secs and Gareth Davies 3min 11.2 seconds. So all rode splendidly in the times that were expected of them from what had been said. Michael led until number 34 came in – Neil Wood of Lancashire Road Club who posted an unexpected (by me and probably Lancashire RC members as well as he is new to the club) 2min 44.7 secs to take lead from Michael. I was then carefully monitoring the performances of Lancashire Road Club’s other riders and was elated when our team bettered them by 3 seconds.

Mike Humphreys on The Rake

Mike Humphreys on The Rake

My expectations were geared to what riders had said about themselves or by other people. So 15 year old Liam Shaw did not match what I had expected although it must be said that his 3min 26.6 ride was worthy of our plaudits. An interruption of his ‘training plan’ apparently meant he did not match up to his own expectations. Still I think he has demonstrated the potential for markedly better performances. Looking back to the 2011 event Nick Hall our most prolific winner of club championships posted 3min 23.8 secs and was placed well up in the top half of the field. So for a first ride I reckon Liam did very well.
Being a winning team in cycle races is not something that often happens for Bury Clarion.
In our history it is recorded that in the early 1920’s the three Bury Clarion Derby brothers won the team award in the Manchester Union 50 miles time trial. Then in 1927 or 1928 we had the winning pursuit team in the National Clarion Track Championships. The Czechoslovakian Trophy being displayed in a window of Co-op Central Premises. Our next team win by males was in 1964 when I led the winning team in the National Clarion’s Easter Kenneth Humphreys 25 mile TT. We won the Czech Trophy again in 2008 when we benefitted from the membership of the Yates twins, Adam and Simon. Simon Horner, son of Andy, and Nick Hall our chair made up the team.
In the early 1960’s and maybe the late 1950’s Marina Leak and Vera Rigby were racing regularly far and wide across the Northern Counties – I think they would have won the team prize on a number of occasions.
I can now claim a club record – in 1963 I rode a West Pennine promoted event on The Rake. I finished third in 2min 36seconds. So Joe there is something to aim for next year. Peter Graham 5 times national hill climb Champion won the event in 2min 24seconds. He left the West Pennine RC sometime in the 1980’s and returned to Lancashire Road Club, his first club, and he was instrumental in getting Lancashire Road Club to promote events on The Rake.
Bury Clarion supporters were prominent on the day only Christine and Bob were in their Bury Clarion Tops. Otherwise good to see Andy Horner, Chris Taylor, Martin Lee out with his son, Nick our with his daughter Clare, Nigel Hood, Mike and Dave Smith and Stephen Side supporting our team. To top it all it was a delight to meet up with our world champion honorary member Simon Yates along with his mates.
We do not see each other that much so when I see you in different clothes without your crash hats or a different hat excuse my failure to recognise you instantly. It was a pleasure to chat to Liam’s dad – apparently leaving his dad behind whilst they were cycling the hills of Devon inspired him to try cycling.
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Peter Roscoe

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