February already?!

Welcome to Adele and Helen, another 2 ride leaders for Clarion! Whoop!

Its looking up in women’s ride terms as we have a full house this month:

February 3 Saturday social ride with cafe stop 9:00AM, with Ros/Helen

February 4 Sunday Social Ride 9:00AM,  with Nicola

February 10 Mixed social ride to Hebden Bridge   9:00AM, with Sharon

February 11 WOMENS SOCIAL SUNDAY RIDE 9:00AM, with Lucy

February 17  Saturday social ride with cafe stop 9:00AM,  with Ros

February 18 WOMENS SOCIAL SUNDAY RIDE 9:00AM with Lucy

February 24 Mixed Social Ride 9:00AM,  with Adele

February 25 Sunday clarion 9:00AM,  with Helen

For anyone new to Bury Clarion Women’s rides, the pace is often variable according to the participants so we currently don’t set one. Every rider is encouraged and no one is left behind. For guidance Lucy/Adele/Allison rides are around 10-12 mph, Sharon/Nicola/Ros/Helen can be a bit faster. All are 30 ish miles.

Each ride is women led but males are welcome too and our rides are getting popular with the male riders who like our pace.

In news terms we have the very exciting fully booked Weeton trip on 7th September which incorporates some participating in the Fleetwood Triathlon!

The June one has a lodge to fill on 1st June with 7 going so far, so if you do want to come please message me asap before I cancel one of the lodges.

Another exciting trip in planning stages is the club trip to the picturesque Youth Hostel at Hartington Hall on bank holiday weekend, August this year. Some exciting rides planned with options to relax too. Contact Nigel Hood via the Clarion Facebook group where it is posted


I have submitted the funding application for the Night Ride Sportive so keep fingers crossed for that, it was an epic task!

I am now also ride leading for Team Glow, a long established North West Cycling Network which had a lack of rides in this neck of the woods, plus a lack of intro level rides. So anyone who wants to join these rides, like Clarion, can have 3 trial rides before joining the club at £10 p.a. Like wise any Glow rider who joins a Bury Clarion ride will have the same opportunity. This arrangement benefits both clubs and gives women in North Manchester more ride options.


Mostly I will be Clarion riding at weekends, Team Glow evenings and weekdays to keep it simple!


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