Hill Climb Report and Results




 A lovely evening for our Hill Climb saw 19 riders in total taking part, 10 from Bury Clarion which as very pleasing. Simon Yates won the event and in the process broke the course record with a very impressive time of 2.02. 1.


A huge “Thank you” is owed to the Bury members of the co-op, not only for sponsoring all the prize money and providing the chocolate for all the riders, but also for their help on the night and in sharing the organisation of the event. Although Peter Roscoe was away his meticulous organisation and instructions meant that the race ran without any hiccups.



BURY MEMBERS’ GROUP The co-operative



Under C.T.T. Regulations



Bob Duckworth, Organising Secretary, Bury Clarion.

15, Sunny Bower Street, Bury BL8 3HL 01204 884297.

Assisted by Nick Hall, Chair Bury Clarion and Peter Roscoe, 0161 761 6856 Secretary Co-op Members Group that donated prizes from their grant from The co-operative.



1st Simon Yates 2 02.1*

2nd Adam Yates 2 11.3

3rd Nick Hall 2 24.7*

4 Paul Watmough 2 31.0

5 David Mitchell 2 33.0

6 Andy Horner 2 34.7

7 Ryan Watmough 2 36.4

8 Paul Target 2 37.6

9 Geoff Downs 3 02.2

10 Giles Perkins 3 03.3

11 Chris Green 3 06.8

12 James Brooks 3 11.0

13 John Burston 3 16.5*

14 Steve Tinker 3 21.0

15 Steve Hepworth 3 23.7

16 Matt Hall 3 25.3 (fastest novice)

17 Dave Woods 3 46.5

18 John Yates 3 59.7

19 Alex Gill 4 09.1* (mountain bike)


THE EVENT: Congratulations to Simon Yates for winning the event for the third time in record time also the other record breakers and record setters*. Alex Gill might have been last but it was a good ride for a 16 year old on a mountain bike.

BURY CLARION Offers championship competitions over 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles, this hill climb and a trackman of the year. It is part of the National Clarion, which offers these kinds of competitions at a national level. The annual subscription is £10.00

THE CO-OPERATIVE MOVEMENT: The Co-ops led major retailers in the 1990’s promoting Fairtrade. To underline this policy all entrants were given a bar of Fairtrade Chocolate. It is notable that in 1844 Rochdale Pioneers Equitable Society (The ‘Co-op’ that was the model for today’s worldwide Movement) established a policy of Fairtrade by a commitment to selling unadulterated food and honest weighing. Later in the 19th Century the Movement had a commitment not to sell goods produced in ‘sweat shops’.

CHARITY: All entry fees will be donated to Bury Hospice.

THANKS Due thanks to Roger Winstanley for timing the event and the Landlord at the Hare and Hounds (Fairtrade beverages are available). All those from Bury Members Group of The co-operative and Bury Clarion for ensuring the success of the event – and not least all competitors for making this annual event a splendid occasion.


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