Great selection of Photos from Joanna Cebrat on this link https://www.flickr.com/photos/155293694@N07/

Busy weekend in Horwich for Bury Clarion. Joe Cadwallader, Mark Jones and James Duffy got things started in the rain Saturday night. Joe got dropped after competing for the first prime, he hadn’t warmed up and paid the price, Mark in his first town centre crit found the pace very high at the start, combined with the conditions he could not hang on. That said he was in good company as only 21 of the 40 starters finished. James Duffy was in the mix but with 3 laps to go punctured ?

Sunday kicked off with a great win for the Bury Clarion Bullets Toby Diggins in the under 10-year-old event. Later that day, 3 other bullet member Harry, Dan and Dylan Cadwallader took part in a one lap race, they all loved it and expect to see the 3 of them continue to enter events over the rest of the year.

Then the senior race in the afternoon, Francis Woodcock, Joe, Mark and James Duffy turned out. Both Mark and James could still feel the night before effort, that said they both got round and gained more experience. Joe and Francis held the main group but missed a break, not sure how, it just sort of happened! With two laps to go Francis said to Joe ‘I will lead you out’, Joe responded ‘Great!’. With a junior rider of some ability off the front to aim for and one lap to go he moved us up down the back straight and dived under some back markers, including Mark, just before the second to last corner. Then Francis just went as hard as he could, Joe looked down and could see 30-31mph! Joe thought no way anyone is coming round this ?, then round the last bend and sprinted to win the bunch. They caught and passed the junior rider going round the last bend to make it the 2nd win (fastest junior for Francis) of the day. Joe was 2nd over 40. Joe and Francis looking forward to seeing Francis form build again ready for the Chrono master team race in a couple of weeks. Chris Towart also took part making a massive effort to keep up with an exceptionally fast field and managed to be able to finish with his head held high, given the high number of DNF in the race. Thank to Chris Shepherd for the pics shown


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