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Not a race report as such but worthy of note, Katherine Swithenbank, Suzanne Williams, Nicola Cadwallader and Lyndsey Malone attended a Manchester Velodrome on June 28th for an awesome taster session tonight, Katherine describe the ‘girls were on fire’ ?????! Taster and female only track sessions are available for anyone who wants to give it a try and our own Nick Heap has also arranged club attendance. Give it a try and keep an eye out for sessions.



VC Cumbria 25m TT

Race report Joseph Cadwallader
On June 29th, after only 3 weeks of focus on TT work:
James Duffy 57:29 MASSIVE PB.
Joanna Cebrat 61:56 MASSIVE PB.
Mark Jones 58:30 MASSIVE PB and on a road bike!
Joe Cadwallader 55:47 MASSIVE PB.

Combined improved time for the four over 12min! Gavin Wright has already done a 55min 25 this year. We are not sure we can remember Bury having so many riders, going so fast. When you then take into account Francis Woodcock is yet to really do a TT it does look good for the National Clarion team TT, if we choose to enter a team.

Also 2nd claim member Marc Lowden has come 2nd in a competitive crit at the SB HUB.


Monmouthshire Junior Grand…/report-monmouthshire-junior-grand…/
Another very solid ride from Francis Woodcock this weekend. 105 riders started, 80 made the end, Francis made 27th (really good in itself for only his 2nd race at this level) 3:12 down on the winner but only but only 13s off top ten and less than 50s off a podium.
A great follow up on last week’s event. How he would cope with a single stage of full on racing for over 70 miles? Well done!

Seamons Evening TT



On July 3rd, a Bury Clarion team were at Seamons’ evening 10TT, a tough course this one in Joanna’s view referring to the organiser says it was “reasonably quick” ?. Well done all! It is not too late to get into the evening 10s and put your name on the 10s leader board. Come and join us one evening?

Mark Jones Bury Clarion 00:24:25 24.57
David Gamble Bury Clarion 00:24:31 24.47
Joanna Cebrat Bury Clarion 00:26:00 23.08 Lady (!)



Chronomaster Stage Team Race

Well what a weekend, David Stammers, Marc Lowden, Francis Woodcock, Joe Cadwallader lined up in the Chronomaster 3 stage race representing Bury Clarion.
For those that don’t this is normally only open for race teams and they come from all around the country, its aimed at just below the cat o e level and gives the opportunity for riders who would not get selected for a top national race team to compete against each other.
Joe got us an entry by early application and stating that we would be supporting Francis ( described as one of the best young riders in the region).
Firstly, it was a first class event blessed with some great racing, super well organised and really relaxed. Met some really nice people from all around the country.
So stage one, punchy Bowland circuit 10.8mile round with one significant climb.
First lap had a few attacks but nothing crazy, then on the start of the second lap all hell broke loose on the climb, two riders opened a gap Joe was hanging on, a few already spat off. Joe looked up the road to see Francis moving across the gap and thought “I hope he makes it over before the descent!”.
At the same time Joe had my own fight to just hang in. As they went round the top bend, Francis made it across. At the same time, we had lost Dave, who got caught up behind a crash and simply couldn’t get back on, his race was now over ?.
Third lap and the pack was still chasing really hard, only 3 up the road meant very few teams had a man in the break , when we had a 16yo kid ?!
Joe and Marc managed the next two laps as best we could trying to conserve energy.
A group of ten slipped off with a lap and a half to go, at this point Francis had around 60s.
On the last lap the pace eased as like, Joe and Marc, many had an eye on the TTT.
They both spun up the last the climb to come over in the top 35, that meant 25 spat off the back.
They crossed the line to find Francis had held 3rd, he looked pretty tired after spending all but the first 10 mile in a 3 man break, being chased super hard all day. He hot over the line around 20s up on 4th place.
On to the TTT, they gave it all they had, Marc and Francis managed Joe up the climb and from that point they split the turns quiet evenly, but a TTT of 2.5hrs after a long break is not ideal, racing at this level is hard, Marc is just strong, being a man light, they where never going to gain time but did enough to ride the 10.3 mile course on lt 1:20 down on the fastest team on full TT rigs.
This placed Francis 7th overall overnight.
From the off teams and riders upset with yesterday’s performance set off at full gas. Joe rode as well as he could, taking a leaf out of Marc’s book, by keeping his position good throughout and having a clear run through the fast lines. On lap 2 a group of 7 got away, now a strong group of 7 can really take some pulling back, lots of riders did turns on the front, Marc and Joe did their bit on lap 3 and 4 to just keep the pace moving, Francis kept quiet early on knowing the yellow Jersey was in our group. With two laps to go, he got himself close to the yellow Jersey knowing a firecracker of a chase was about to start, I told him I would help with it, at the start about 3 miles before the last lap, Joe lasted about another 5 min and then was out the back and the chase was really on.
What was left of the group got blown into two groups of around 10. Francis in the front group all working together to try and bring the break back in the last ten miles. Marc sat in the second group nicely. It went right to the line with the Francis group getting to around 5s of the break of 7.
This was great as it strengthened our position in GC Francis had held at least 7th overall and best junior by around 2 min. Marc rounded it off by rolling the 2nd group in the sprint ?
Joe came home last on the day around 8min down and riding the last lap solo, no way getting a DNF ?
Super proud of the support we gave each other all weekend and really pleased for Bury Clarion, no way in our wildest dreams did we ever think when we joined, we would ever be able to complete and be competitive at this level.
The last word goes to super David Stammers, gutted to of gone out so early, but that’s racing. For those of you who don’t know Dave given the chance would have given his all and I know no one will be more pleased than him to see us get such a good result.

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