Hill Climbs Galore!

First it was the Blackstone Edge HC on 6th October,  Clarion team times were  impressive, taking part as follows:

2nd  Francis Woodcock 7:57:9;

7th David Gamble 9:06::8;

10th Gavin Wright 9:55:5;

11th James Richardson 10:14:6;

12th James Duffy 10:49.4;

15th Phil Shaw 11:42.3.



Then the Rossendale HC which had Marcus Hurst managed 4:45:3 in a small number of entrants…

Then the classic Rake HC which was as  grim as ever with Francis Woodcock winning 2nd junior this time, everyone else had admirable times as follows:

Francis WoodcockMaleJuniorBury Clarion CC02:47.6
JosephCadwalladerMaleVetBury Clarion CC03:12.1
JasonMcdonaldMaleVetBury Clarion CC03:42.3
JamesDuffyMaleSeniorBury Clarion CC03:48.9
JamesRichardsonMaleVetBury Clarion CC03:58.0
MarcusHurstMaleVetBury Clarion CC04:21.6

Wigan Cyclocross Junior Competition  was also on the 13th October

Bury Clarion Bullets rode the 4th round of the North West cyclocross league at Beacon Country Park. Dan Swithenbank and Toby Diggins rode in the  under 10s event, Harry Richardson rode in the under 8s.

Toby was 4th. All did a brilliant ride on a very muddy course! Well Done lads! 

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