Ride Report 1/12/13

BC.pngSome of our members are continuing  to enjoy our 3 to 4 hour weekend rides. The Saturday morning rides are on the same relatively flat course each week going out towards Chorley via Horwich but when the A6 is reached taking a southerly direction towards Manchester. A turn of is taken for the route to go through Farnworth dipping down into the Croal River Valley then the only demanding ascent into Little Lever. The course is such that riders can drop of the back at their discretion and cut across to rejoin the group.
Sunday rides are varied and are at a higher pace usually heading towards the splendid hilly country that we are fortunate to have so close to Bury for a three or so hour ride. Chris Taylor is a regular participant in these rides and he is a fan of the advanced electronic I.T. equipment that is available to day for cyclists these days. So not only does he have physiological information to measure his fitness he has information relating to the physical aspects of the ride such as temperature, distance, average speed and elevation. So the 39 mile ride on Sunday 1st December took the group through Todmorden in Yorkshire for the ascent of Cliviger Gorge. The meant the riders ascent from the lowest part of the rides to the highest was 764 feet or one and half times the height of Blackpool Tower with an average for the 2 hour 19 minute ride of 17 mph. In saying the ride was leisurely Chris was probably comparing it with the previous week’s 2 hour 42 minute, 47mile ride at a speed of 17.5mph when the ascent to Blackstone Edge was virtually twice the height of Blackpool Tower.

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