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Hello Racing Member
I attach the information I will use to report the current position in relation to club championships.
I would be grateful if you would check and advise me of any errors or omissions.
The information is listed alphabetically according to first names for easy reference.
RecordNoDateNameEventDistancehrminsectimeInSecsPlaceFixed Pointsvariable PointsType of Event
5517-JunAdrian BrooksBury Clarion Hill Climb2351Hill climb
7417-JulAndy HornerSouthport CC102213
6321-JunAndy HornerWalsall RCC255435
5717-JunAndy HornerBury Clarion Hill Climb2421Hill climb
8102-AugAndy HornerPendle Forest102136
6728-JunAndy HornerBDCA5015326
7105-JulAndy HornerBelper CC255530
222-FebAndy HornerNLTTA7143320NLTTA Short Distance
4314-JunAndy HornerLancaster CC10212710 Mile Time Trial
2024-AprAndy HornerSouthport CC102217133710 Mile Time Trial
2229-AprAndy HornerPETTS102241136110 Mile Time Trial
1922-AprAndy HornerPETTS102248136810 Mile Time Trial
3705-JunAndy HornerSouthport CC10225610 Mile Time Trial
1317-AprAndy HornerSouthport CC102325140510 Mile Time Trial
2301-MayAndy HornerSouthport CC102355143510 Mile Time Trial
1008-MarAndy HornerMDTTA10241510 Mile Time Trial
3317-MayAndy HornerStone Wheelers25545725 Mile Time Trial
3210-MayAndy HornerSouth Pennine CC25562210 Mile Time Trial
3629-MayAndy HornerSouthport CC2559825 Mile Time Trial
922-FebBob DuckworthNLTTA719175NLTTA Short Distance
1210-AprBob DuckworthSouthport CC103037183710 Mile Time Trial
4817-JunChris TaylorBury Clarion Hill Climb2268Hill climb
2503-MayChris TaylorBury Clarion Crits1515Crit
4717-JunDavid HodbodBury Clarion Hill Climb221.210Hill climb
4917-JunDavid StammersBury Clarion Hill Climb2267Hill climb
2603-MayDavid StammersBury Clarion Crits1512Crit
5817-JunDeclan BradyBury Clarion Hill Climb2431Hill climb
7310-JulDeclan BradySouthport CC102528
3003-MayDeclan BradyBury Clarion Crits156Crit
6217-JunEddie BrooksBury Clarion Hill Climb3521Hill climb
6526-JunGavin WrightSouthport CC255958
6117-JunIain GreyBury Clarion Hill Climb3201Hill climb
422-FebJoe CadwalladerNLTTA715912NLTTA Short Distance
4112-JunJoe CadwalladerSouthport CC1024710 Mile Time Trial
6626-JunJoe CadwalladerSouthport CC25118
4417-JunJoe CadwalladerBury Clarion Hill Climb215.520Hill climb
7003-JulJoe CadwalladerSouthport CC102423
5317-JunJohn LongworthBury Clarion Hill Climb2323Hill climb
7620-JulJon LongworthBorder City Wheelers25132
7827-JulJon LongworthLancashire RC251313
522-FebJon LongworthNLTTA7153410NLTTA Short Distance
7517-JulJon LongworthSouthport CC102339
8024-JulJon LongworthSouthport CC102437
3905-JunJon LongworthSouthport CC10244610 Mile Time Trial
3522-MayJon LongworthSouthport CC102549143510 Mile Time Trial
2903-MayJon LongworthBury Clarion Crits157Crit
5217-JunJosh AldertonBury Clarion Hill Climb2294Hill climb
1819-AprJosh AldertonNorth Lancs RC10276162610 Mile Time Trial
622-FebLiam ShawNLTTA716148NLTTA Short Distance
6422-JunMartin LeeYorkshire RC251026
1412-AprMartin LeeBDCA251029362925 Mile Time Trial
7725-JulMartin LeeMelton Okympic251048
2127-AprMartin LeeOtley CC25161025 Mile Time Trial
6929-JunMartin LeeOtley CC5021052
8202-AugMartin LeePendle Forest102343
5617-JunMartin UsherBury Clarion Hill Climb2371Hill climb
4517-JunMike HumphreysBury Clarion Hill Climb216.615Hill climb
2803-MayMike HumphreysBury Clarion Crits158Crit
4617-JunMichael SmithBury Clarion Hill Climb218.712Hill climb
5417-JunNick HallBury Clarion Hill Climb2342Hill climb
7210-JulNick HallSouthport CC102313
1619-AprNick HallNorth Lancs RC102330141010 Mile Time Trial
7924-JulNick HallSouthport CC102334
3108-MayNick HallSouthport CC10241143510 Mile Time Trial
3805-JunNick HallSouthport CC1024910 Mile Time Trial
122-FebNick HallNLTTA12-Feb02430.01470NLTTA Short Distance
3417-MayNick HallStone Wheelers25563425 Mile Time Trial
6828-JunNick HallBDCA5015722
322-FebNick HallNLTTA7144815NLTTA Short Distance
1105-AprNick HallVTTA Yorks102244136410 Mile Time Trial
6017-JunNigel HoodBury Clarion Hill Climb3161Hill climb
1719-AprNigel HoodNorth Lancs RC102510151010 Mile Time Trial
5117-JunPaul WatmoughBury Clarion Hill Climb2295Hill climb
2703-MayPeter ArmstrongBury Clarion Crits1510Crit
5917-JunPeter FosterBury Clarion Hill Climb391Hill climb
1512-AprPhil BallMacclesfield Wheelers2511246436625 Mile Time Trial
4212-JunPhil BallSouthport CC10251710 Mile Time Trial
4005-JunPhil BallSouthport CC1026110 Mile Time Trial
822-FebPhil CollinsNLTTA718246NLTTA Short Distance
722-FebRyan HarrisonNLTTA718147NLTTA Short Distance
5017-JunRyan WatmoughBury Clarion Hill Climb2286Hill climb
2403-MayRyan WhatmoughBury Clarion Crits1520Crit

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