6 Club Rides this weekend 7th – 8th March 2020


Saturday  4 Rides

Meet:    The Toby (Ainsworth Arms) Bury Bolton Road

Time:  9:00 am
Distance: various
Pace: various

  • Lucia Cronin – 25-30 miles – Beginners ride includes cafe stop. All welcome no drop ride (D Ride)


  • Jake Stubbs – ~30 miles. Regular Saturday ride.  Social pace, all welcome. No cafe stop (C Ride)


  • Adele Vanderkamp – 45 – 50 miles – Ride out to Hebden Bridge. Cafe stop at Hebden Bridge. (D Ride)


  • Paul Van der kamp – 50 miles. Hilly ride with cafe stop at Village Green in Rivington.(B/C Ride)


Usual Saturday route heads towards Bolton, on to Horwich then turning onto the A6 cutting through to Farnworth finishing at Little Lever.

The route home can be whichever direction you choose, and at any speed, some groups might form with faster and slower riders in each one. Nothing is set in stone and things can be tweaked as the ride progresses.

The Saturday social is for anyone and not restricted to club members only. Bring your friends, family and colleagues and introduce them to the Bury Clarion crowd! You can come on this ride three times as a non member before we expect you to join the club. This is a requirement of the club insurers; so come and enjoy the social. On our rides we expect all riders to adhere to the Highway Code and Bury Clarion do not take responsibility for individuals. We expect your bike to be in working order and if you are coming out to have the minimum of the following; Inner-tube, puncture repair kit, pump, tyre levers, emergency contact details.

Sunday – 2 Rides

Meet: Barista – The Rock Bury

Time:  9:00
Distance: various

Pace: Various


  • Katherine Swithenbank – 8 am start 30 miles. Non stop Bacup loop. 12-14mph(C Ride)


  • Paul Van der kamp – Blackpool around 90 miles. Quite flat. Social pace. (C Ride) 

Before committing to a ride with Bury Clarion Cycling Club have a look at the route and advertised speeds, make sure you can do the full ride at the pace outlined. Have a look at the Club Rides page for details of what you can expect. For your first ride, its better to go a level lower so you get in the swing of group riding without feeling under pressure or struggle.

All ride speeds are ensured by the ride leaders. If you feel the ride is too slow and want to go off, then the responsibility is on you to make sure you have a safe ride and get home under your own steam. It is not the responsibility of Bury Clarion or the ride leader to ensure you know the route and/or a safe route back home. Please ensure you have a roadworthy bike and appropriate gear for the weather, with lights if required.


  1. Mr. Martin Bernstein - 06/03/2020 at 7:39 pm

    I noticed there is a ride to Hebden Bridge this week end I was under the imprestion it is suffering from floods just recently ?

  2. Rosalyn Dines - 07/03/2020 at 12:23 pm

    There are no floods at the moment at Hebden

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