Donate to Lucia Cronin’s Page to support the Bury Clarion Bullets

Can you help Lucia Cronin raise £1000 to support the Bury Clarion Bullets, a kids cycling club for our future stars!?. Ok but to me its more than future stars its about future ‘Champions’ and I don’t mean star athletes on bicycles to me its about ‘CHAMPIONING’ and making a ‘GOOD WORLD’.  I won’t go on with this topic unless you ask me – I will reply to individuals.
At the moment the following site reads £50 but £50 has been previously donated and has been credited to Bury Clarion Bullets funds.
I am emailing because it it clear that donations are not coming in as fast as they should if the target of £1000 is to be achieved.

Please donate to their JustGiving Crowdfunding Page:

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