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Did you know that the first Bury Clarion ride was led by women over 100 years ago? Bury Clarion has always welcomed women riders of all levels with some doing extremely well in national competitions.

For the first time there are now women led rides, for those who want to develop their skills in a club. You can access support and the extensive knowledge of years of experience.

All women can find their own niche, in racing, hill climbing, sportive or the essential social weekend rides. There is also the opportunity to meet like-minded women and arrange your own rides to suit you.

If you are a beginner and want to build up your confidence and ability try Breeze Rides at ;http://www.letsride.co.uk/

If course you can also join in the established men’s rides, or the men who want to can join the women’s rides. Mixed ability riding can develop everyone.

There are regular weekend rides including introductory rides, for women to try their hand at group riding. As time progresses we aim to have rides for all levels. 14890585_10154725919824853_1296918688111614140_o

The first women’s ride on the last weekend in October 2016, had 10 women of varying abilities travelling at various speeds between 8-14 mph. Starting at the Ainsworth Arms on Bury Bolton Road, down to Radcliffe then climbing up to Edenfield to the famous Drop Off Cycle Café for a hot brew and cakes, then across to Hawkshaw, Harwood and Ainsworth, back to the start point. A good 30 miles with faster riders waiting  for the slower ones with a great atmosphere, lots of encouragement and laughs.

ladies-clarion-rideMembership is only £10 year with 3 introductory rides to make your mind up!Any questions? Use the Bury Clarion Facebook group or the website contact us links:

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